Owner Licensed Certified Fitter

Many years ago I dreamed of creating a haven for women whose lives are touched by breast cancer. Helping women is my passion, my life’s work. I became a licensed Orthotic/ Certified Mastectomy Fitter in 1993, on my way to my dream. A diagnosis of breast cancer can be the scariest time of a woman’s life. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful, have lovely mastectomy items and the finest care during this very difficult time. All About You Women’s Boutique opened its doors on May 19, 2008, the realization of all my plans, hopes and dreams. It is a place where competent professionals provide compassionate care to women in the post surgical phase of their breast cancer journey. One in seven women will have breast cancer. Here women have a lovely, comfortable place to deal the questions and situations that come as they rebuild a body and a life. These brave survivors are not alone, they are very dear to us. My day is complete when a woman leaves the store standing straighter, head high and smiling because she looks the way she wants to again. Then I know I am doing the right thing. It is my calling to help women with a compassionate hand, an understanding conversation, a hug, or a prayer when the world seems turned upside down by breast cancer. Come to All About You Women’s Boutique where every woman is beautiful.


Certified Fitter

I am Helen Davis, a Certified Mastectomy Fitter, and All About You’s newest associate. I have been certified for seven years and have worked as a fitter in The Villages area. I understand what women experiencing breast cancer are going through and have a great ability to fit for “just the right figure” and desired image. Recreating a woman’s figure after mastectomy is not just matching numbers and sizes. Each woman is very different in her body type, physical and emotional needs. I use my compassion, humor and experience to make sure every woman has a wonderful outcome and experience at All About You Women’s Boutique. I have a very reassuring way of putting the patient at ease during fittings. Frequently laughter can be heard from the dressing room, which means our patient is at ease and happy.This is important during this challenging time in a woman’s life. I bring a great sense of style and have been helpful in suggesting new items for the store.